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We are: ChaseIT

We provide personalized solutions for your projects, no matter their complexity.

With more than 5 years of experience in various domains, our team members are ready to tackle any assignment and to provide you with powerful insights for smooth project deliveries.


diana Working as a teacher, Diana has developed qualities such as patience, resilience, punctuality and adaptability, qualities which come in handy in the recruitment process. She loves building connections and strongly believes that honesty and integrity are key elements to a successful relationship.

Creative and energetic, she sees an opportunity in every project and manages to find innovative solutions to questions inherent in any field of activity or specific to the work of a recruiter.



lorena Lorena is a person who enjoys working with people, an attribute that has helped her develop outstanding communication and relationship skills. At the same time, she believes that in order: „to motivate people, you have to inspire them”. She is positive, open to the new, empathetic, ready to discover the beauty of anything. She is a key person in our team, ready to find the key persons for your projects.




dragos Dragos is a very proactive person open to new opportunities, being keen on delivering quantifiable results for every project he is involved in. A sincere and passionate person, with the ability to quickly and accurately analyze information, taking the best decisions. He is a veritable team player, an attribute looked for in many activity fields.




bogdan Client satisfaction – A key member of our team, Bogdan is an enthusiastic person with very good technical and practical skills. Bogdan has broad IT experience and is the person which is always driven towards client satisfaction. How can we do it better? Improvement of our processes is a daily task which is taken seriously in consideration by Bogdan.