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Project Manager Business / Retail Belgium

Role category – S40 – Transversal Business functions
Role profile – Project Manager Business 2
Request reference: SRQ128691
Job title: Project Manager Business
Work location: Brussels
Start date: 25/04/2022
End date: 31/12/2022

Mission context Project Manager Business

Within BNPPF we have started a new group-wide initiative called ‘My Sustainable home’. This clusters client needs within the living domain, where a range of banking & beyond banking products is used to answer them. The initiative has four subtracks: 1) Identify the ‘As is’ and trajectory of the Carbon footprint of our residential real estate portfolio 2) Define an ESG action Plans and evolution of our residential real Estate policies, 3) Become the green renovation trusted companion for our clients and 4) Develop a sustainable transformation & enrichment of the client journeys related to home ownership & living.

These subtracks will be managed by different entities within BNPPF. From the strategic department (SCS RPB) we’re responsible for the delivery on tracks 3 and 4, as well as the overall steering & delivery of the project.

We’re looking for an junior project manager/ business analyst with affinity in sustainability and credit domains. His/her role will be to support a senior project manager in the orchestrating role across the 4 subtracks. Activities will include: facilitation of workshops, desk research, co-creation of content across the 4 domains with expert leads etc…

Function description:
Project monitoring and reporting
Risk and issue management
Capacity planning and resource management
Budget management
Performance management
Process improvement
Time management
Follow-up on project documentation and change control

Language requirements:
Dutch Strong written and spoken communication skills and / or French
French Strong written and spoken communication skills and / or Dutch
English Strong written and spoken communication skills


Required experience
Knowledge At least < 4 > years of relevant experience

Business experience – mandatory:
Financial sector / Banking
Strategy definition
Stakeholder management
Project management
Change Management

Soft skills:
Ability to see the overall picture (helicopter view) – strategic thinking
Strong communicator, diplomatic and customer-oriented
Commercial awareness and customer-oriented
Team spirit
Management skills and the ability to motivate people
Structured approach

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