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Infra Engineer – Alpha credit – IST & Portfolio

Role category – S3 – IT Production and Infrastructure
Role profile – Infra Engineer – Senior
Request reference: SRQ128212
Job title: Infra Engineer
Work location: Brussels Centre
Start date: 28/02/2022
End date: 31/05/2022

Mission context:
Infra Engineer
IT Benelux is reinforcing its processus especially in terms of Asset management.
In order to address all this topic, we need to reinforce the quality of our current perimeter especially :

  • Improving data quality related to our Business Asset/ Technical Asset / Server
  • Centralize all those data in the central tool (Iserver)
  • Develop script to load and extract those data for different usages (DRP, ICP, Filling Group CMDB etc…)

Function description:
You will be in support of the PM of this project in IT Operations.
You will be in charge :

  • To script some loading treatment based on extraction from our infrastructure (loginventory extract)
  • To script some exstraction treatment for external tool (Group CMDB etc…)
  • Fiabilize data by commuincating with the different asset Owner
    Those data will be usefull to prepare our next DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) which is plan on May. You will also work on this preparation.

Language requirements:
Dutch Preferable but not mandatory
French Yes
English Yes

Education: System Engineer
Certification: Master
Travel: No
Required experience / knowledge:
– Around 5 years of experience

Technical experience – mandatory:

  • PowerShell
  • ITIL process
  • DRP
  • CMDB knwoledge


  • Business experience mandatory


  • Bank and Consumer finance.

Soft skills:

  • Capacity to work with a team. Good communication with stakeholders,
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